Welcome to my page.
My name is JoeAnon. I am a simple person. I like to play games.
Sometimes, (More often then not) I am not the best at these games.
But thats ok. It's all about the fun. I have started streaming on Kick.
Feel free to check it out. I am trying to use ChatGPT. I had it read stories.
I posted these stories on my blog. Its at the top. On the right. Next to Home
and Find Me.

I am not sure why I decieded to write that paragraph like that, but It reads kinda funny to me. Like I said above, I have started streaming on Kick.com recently. I am trying to use ChatGPT to create short stories or... bigger ones and then read them with a tts system called speechify. I've got other plans to expand this, but we will see. Feel free to click over to my blog to read these stories. Additionally you can click on Find Me to see the Social links where you can find and follow me. Hope to see you soon.